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Series HiPower

ExeGate HiPower series DDR4 RAM is the solution for the most demanding users who need maximum reliability and performance. It is an ideal solution for gaming PCs, as well as for high-performance workstations designed for processing graphic information and working with large databases.

ExeGate Hi Power series DDR4 RAM fully meets all industry standards and exceeds them in a number of parameters. All ExeGate HiPower memory modules are tested and provided with a lifetime warranty.

Model HiPower DIMM DDR4 4GB <pc4-19200> 2400MHz HiPower DIMM DDR4 8GB <pc4-19200> 2400MHz HiPower DIMM DDR4 16GB <pc4-19200> 2400MHz HiPower DIMM DDR4 4GB <pc4-21300> 2666MHz HiPower DIMM DDR4 8GB <pc4-21300> 2666MHz HiPower DIMM DDR4 16GB <pc4-21300> 2666MHz HiPower DIMM DDR4 8GB <pc4-25600> 3200MHz
Memory Type DDR4
Form Factor 288-pin UDIMM
Capacity, GB 4 8 16 4 8 16 8
Component Configuration x8
SPD Speed, MHz 2400 2666 3200
SDRAM STANDARD PC4-19200 PC4-21300 PC4-25600
Speed Rating, MB/s 19200 21300 25600
CAS Latency CL17-17-17 CL19-19-19
Voltage 1.2V
Operating temperature 0°C - 85°C
P/N EX288047 EX288049 EX288045 EX288048 EX288050 EX288046 EX293814
EAN 4895205126121 4895205126145 4895205126107 4895205126138 4895205126152 4895205126114 4895205137370