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Controller EXE-303 PCI-E, 2*COM port + 1*LPT (OEM)

Chip CH382L 
Interface PCI-E
Number of RS-232 2
Number of IEEE 1284 1
External connectors D-SUB 9 pin x 2 pcs
Data rate  
Serial port up to 250 Kbps
Parallel port up to 1.5 Mbps
P/N EX281226
EAN 4895205111882

Controller Exegate EXE-352 PCI, 4*USB2.0 ext + 1*USB2.0 int

Chip VT6212L
Number of supported devices Up to 5
Enternal port 1x USB Type A Female
External port 4x USB Type A
Interface PCI 32-bit 33 Mhz
Throughput 480 Mbps
P/N EX281227
EAN 4895205111899