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Surge protectors with USB charging


Features The ExeGate surge protector is equipped with a general socket switch with an indicator lamp, which allows you to turn off the power to all connected equipment with one click without removing the plug from the socket. One housing combines several sockets and two USB ports to charge mobile devices.
Socket TypeSocket CEE 7/4, earthed
Plug TypePlug CEE 7/7, earthed
The maximum load current, A10
Maximum load power, W2200

╠odel Output connection Cable length, m Color P/N EAN
ExeGate SP-5-USB-1.8B 5 1,8 Black EX295490 4895205143333
ExeGate SP-5-USB-1.8W 5 1,8 White EX295491 4895205143340
ExeGate SP-6-USB-1.8B 6 1,8 BlackÚ EX295492 4895205143357