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02.12.2019Thermal greases and thermal padsExegate has launched a line of thermal greases and thermal pads

22.11.2019A new line of ExeGate 80 PLUSŪ PSUThe range includes PPH 80 PLUSŪ Bronze and PPH-LT 80 PLUSŪ series.

21.10.2019Power Distribution UnitExeGate has launched new Power Distribution Unit line for installation in a 19" rack

23.07.2019New models UPSTwo new models have appeared in the UPS Series

08.07.2019New server chassisExegate has expanded its server chassis lineup

22.04.2019Update the line of cases series EVOExeGate continues to update the line of gaming cases EVO series

18.03.2019PSU with the TFX standardExeGate has launched the PSU Special TPS Series with the TFX standard

30.01.2019ExeGate has launched 60GB Solid State DriveThe drive is presented in the format of a 2.5" with SATA III interface

15.01.2019PSU with 220V power cable with safety clipNow any model of the ExeGate Power Supply can be completed with a 220V power cable with safety clip for power cord

30.11.2018New models PC cases for businessPresent two models of Mini Tower form factor

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