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Special Appliances (Pure Sine Wave)

Series SinePower UHB

Devices of the UHB series have an output voltage in the form of a pure undistorted sine wave and provide stable power to computer equipment (PCs, servers, network equipment). Horizontal and vertical placement is allowed, as well as installation in a 19"rack. All UPS units are equipped with an LCD display for higher operability and visualization.
Features UPS of this series have a linear-interactive architecture, a sinusoidal output voltage, and an LCD display that displays information about the parameters of the power supply and the device. Equipped with a built-in voltage stabilizer (AVR). The load is connected to IEC320 C13 output sockets.

Model Full power capacity, VA / Active power capacity, W Batteries type and capacity Product size, mm Net weight, kg P/N EAN
SinePower UHB-1000.LCD.AVR.C13.RJ.USB.2U 1000/800 ExeGate HR 12-7.2 (12V/7,2Ah) 2pcs. 455 x 445 x 88 19 EP285642 4895205121768
SinePower UHB-1000.LCD.AVR.1SH.4C13.RJ.USB.2U 1000/800 ExeGate HR 12-7.2 (12V/7,2Ah) 2pcs. 455 x 445 x 88 19 EX293051 4895205133280
SinePower UHB-2000.LCD.AVR.C13.RJ.USB.2U 2000/1600 ExeGate HR 12-7.2 (12V/7,2Ah) 4pcs. 535 x 445 x 88 29 EP285644 4895205121775
SinePower UHB-2000.LCD.AVR.1SH.4C13.RJ.USB.2U 2000/1600 ExeGate HR 12-9 (12V/9Ah) 4pcs. 535 x 445 x 88 29 EX293052 4895205133297
SinePower UHB-3000.LCD.AVR.C13.RJ.USB.2U 3000/2400 ExeGate HR 12-9 (12V/9Ah) 4pcs. 535 x 445 x 88 31,5 EP285645 4895205121782
SinePower UHB-3000.LCD.AVR.1SH.4C13.RJ.USB.2U 3000/2400 ExeGate HR 12-9 (12V/9Ah) 4pcs. 535 x 445 x 88 31,5 EX293054 4895205133303

Nominal input voltage 230V
Input voltage range for mains operation 145-275V
Input frequency 45-65Hz
Output, mains mode  
Output voltage 220±8% V
Output frequency 50±0.5 Hz
Output, backup mode  
Output voltage 220-230V
Output frequency 50±0.5 Hz
Waveform type Pure sine wave
Transfer time 2-6 ms typical, 10 ms maximum
Surge Protection and Filtering Full time multi-pole noise filtering, peaks and spikes suppression
Battery type Sealed lead-acid battery, maintenance-free
Input connection IEC320 C14
Output connection IEC320 C13, 8pcs
Interface port USB
Data Line Protection Cable modem protection, RJ45 network line
Operating Temperature 0-40 °C
Operating Relative Humidity 0-90%
Front panel color Black
Cabinet made Steel
Tower location Yes
Desktop location Yes
19" rack compatibility Yes
Rack space height 2U
Software compatibility Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10; Mac OS; Linux
Delivery set UPS, power cord, USB communication cable, CD with managing software, manual