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RAM memory

ExeGate offers modern high-performance fourth-generation DDR4 RAM that meets the highest requirements of a wide range of users. The ExeGate DDR4 U-DIMM memory modules operate at 1.2 V, which not only lowers the heating level, but also reduces the electrical load on the memory controller, and therefore saves up to 40% power consumption, compared to standard 1.5 V DDR3 modules.

Chips from the world's leading manufacturers (Micron, Samsung, spectek and Hynix) are used in ExeGate memory modules. They are carefully selected and tested to ensure the highest level of reliability, stability and performance. ExeGate DDR4 RAM compatible with any standard computer hardware and is an effective solution for building computer systems of any level.

ExeGate HiPower Series DDR4 RAM - is the solution for the most demanding users who need maximum reliability and performance. It is an ideal solution for gaming PCs, as well as for high-performance workstations designed for processing graphic information and working with large databases. ExeGate HiPower Series DDR4 RAM fully meets all industry standards and exceeds them in a number of parameters. All ExeGate HiPower memory modules are tested and provided with a lifetime warranty.

ExeGate Value Series DDR4 RAM - is the basic line of ExeGate RAM that provides high performance and stable functioning of computer systems. ExeGate Value Series RAM meets industry standards and is ideal for office and home PCs with DDR4 memory support. The Value and Value Special modules are guaranteed for 12 months and 36 months, respectively.