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Server and industrial (RM)

Series ServerRM UNL

UNL series battery backup system provides robust and steady electric supplyment safety for appliances like server equipement, active networking devices, personal computers, and other critical electronic and digital units. They can be located as a desktop, as a tower, and mounted to 19" rack, really increasing a usability of a working space. UNL has a multifunction LCD display for operability and visualization.
Features UNL series can be mounted to 19" rack, they are based on line-interactive topology, they have AVR, and are available by 2 variants - with Euro type connections, and with IEC320 C13 connections.

Model Output Outlets P/N EAN
ExeGate ServerRM UNL-800.LCD.AVR.2SH.3C13.USB.2U 2xSchuko + 3xC13 EX293849 4895205137523
ExeGate ServerRM UNL-1000.LCD.AVR.2SH.3C13.USB.2U 2xSchuko + 3xC13 EX293850 4895205137530
ExeGate ServerRM UNL-1500.LCD.AVR.EURO.RJ.USB.3U 3xSchuko EP270874 4895205105720
ExeGate ServerRM UNL-1500.LCD.AVR.C13.RJ.USB.3U 4xC13 EP285776 4895205121997
ExeGate ServerRM UNL-1500.LCD.AVR.2SH.4C13.RJ.USB.3U 2xSchuko + 4xC13 EX293056 4895205133464
ExeGate ServerRM UNL-2000.LCD.AVR.2SH.3C13.USB.2U 2xSchuko + 3xC13 EX293851 4895205137547
ExeGate ServerRM UNL-3000.LCD.AVR.2SH.3C13.USB.3U 2xSchuko + 3xC13 EX293852 4895205137554

Full power capacity, VA / Active power capacity 1500/900W
Nominal input voltage 230V
Input voltage range for mains operation 145-290V
Input frequency 50/60±5 Hz
Nominal output voltage 230±10% V
Output frequency 50/60±1 Hz
Waveform type Stepped approximation to a sine wave
Surge Protection and Filtering Full time multi-pole noise filtering, peaks and spikes suppression
Transfer time 4-8 ms typical, 13 ms maximum
Battery type Sealed lead-acid battery, maintaince-free
Typical recharge time 6-8 hours to 90% charge level
Batteries type and capacity ExeGate HR 12-9 (12V/9Ah), 2pcs
Input connection IEC320 C14
Interface port USB
Data Line Protection Cable modem protection, RJ45 network line
Operating Temperature 0-40 °C
Operating Relative Humidity 0-90%
Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit doesn't exceed 40dBa
LCD signes and simbols Input/Output voltage
UPS status
Battery runtime percentage
Utility power
UPS fault
Audible alarms  
Backup mode Every 8s
Low battery Every 1s
Fault Continuously
Front panel color Black
Cabinet made Steel
19" rack compatibility Yes
Rack space height 3U
Product size 355 x 482 x 129mm
Net weight 14 kg
Software compatibility Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10; Mac OS; Linux
Delivery set UPS, power cord, USB communication cable, CD with managing software, manual