Series AD Power

Designed for voltage correction in power supply networks with a rated voltage of 220V. The stabilizer automatically compensates for the voltage drop (by increasing the low voltage) or increasing the voltage (by lowering the high voltage) of the power supply network to a level that is safe for the operation of the equipment, and provides the connected equipment with power in the range of 220V ± 10%. When the voltage in the network rises above 280V or falls below 150V, the protection function is activated, which ensures safe disconnection of the equipment connected to the stabilizer.
Form Factor Carrying
Type Relay voltage regulator
Indication of input / output parameters LED
Operating mode indication  
The input voltage is below the permissible range, the stabilizer is working to increase the input voltage The yellow LED is on
The input voltage is above the permissible range, the stabilizer works to lower the input voltage The red LED is on
The stitizer is in mains mode, the mains voltage is within the permissible voltage range The green LED is on
Overheating of the stabilizer. The stabilizer will transfer to bypass mode, it is necessary to urgently disconnect part of the load or make it less than the rated power. After lowering the temperature to operating, the stabilizer will return to normal mode. The red LED is on
Input Voltage, V 150 - 280
Output Voltage, V 220
Number of output sockets 4 EURO
Location of outlets On the top panel
Input Frequency, Hz 50
Surge Protection Overvoltage / undervoltage, high voltage impulse, short circuit, overload and overheat protection
Enironmental Operating Environment, 0..+40 °C, operating Relative Humidity, 90%
Delivery set AVR, manual
Product size, mm 28.5x 11.5x 8.2

Model Output power capacity, VA Output power capacity, W Weight, kgs P/N EAN
AD5000-500 500 300 1,05 EP285941 4895205123403
AD5000-600 600 300 1,07 EP285937 4895205123410
AD5000-800 800 400 1,24 EP285938 4895205123427
AD5000-1000 1000 500 1,35 EP285939 4895205123434
AD5000-1200 1200 600 1,65 EP285940 4895205123441