ExeGate Power Back

Back BNB-400/600 Black Back BNB-400/600 Silver Back BNB-400/600 Red Back NNB-800 Back UNB-1000 Back UNB-1500
Back BNB-400 Black
Back BNB-600 Black
Back BNB-400 Silver
Back BNB-600 Silver
Back BNB-400 Red
Back BNB-600 Red
Back NNB-800 Back UNB-1000 Back UNB-1500


Input Frequency, Hz 50/60
Input Voltage, V 145-290
Nominal Input Voltage, V 220
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) ±15%
Output Voltage, V 220±10%
Output Frequency, Hz 50/60
Output Wave form PWM (DC Mode)
Transfer Time Typical 2~6 ms, Max. 10ms
Batteries & Runtime  
Battery Type Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery
Recharge Time 6-8 hours recover to 90% capacity
Protection Battery low voltage protection, Overload protection, Short circuit protection
Indicator and Alarm  
Battery Mode Red LED Light.
Green LED Flash 1 time in 8 seconds (for BNB-400 Black).
UPS beeps 1 time in 8 seconds
Low Battery Red LED Light.
Green LED Flash 1 time in 1 second (for BNB-400 Black)
UPS beeps 1 time in 1 second
Fault Mode Red and Green LED constant light.
Green LED constant light (for BNB-400 Black).
UPS beeps continuously.
Operating Environment, °C 0-40
Operating Relative Humidity, % 0-95
Software UPSILON v. 2000

Model Back BNB-400 Back BNB-600 Back NNB-800 Back UNB-1000 Back UNB-1500
Output power capacity VA/W 400/240 600/360 800/480 1000/600 1500/900
Battery type 12V /4,5AH x 1 12V /7AH x 1 12V /9AH x 1 12V /7AH x 2 12V /9AH x 2
Color Black/Silver/Red
Date Interface - USB
Protection for telephone connections /Ethernet Line - Yes
Input Outlets Schuko plug (CEE 7/4); Undetachable Schuko plug (CEE 7/4)
Output Outlets Socket CEE 7/3 x 2 Socket CEE 7/3 x 4
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm 255x98x140 300x95x141 314x97x143 345x146x163
Weight, kgs 3,6 4,3 5,8 9,5 11,5

Model   Black Silver Red Blue Green Purple
BNB-400 P/N EP244541 EP254850 EP254851 EP255119 EP255118 EP255120
EAN 4897040858076 4897040859400 4897040859424 4897040852715 4897040852739 4897040852746
BNB-600 P/N EP244543 EP254852 EP254853 EP255122 EP255123 EP255121
EAN 4897040858090 4897040859448 4897040853880 4897040852722 4897040852159 4897040852166
NNB-800 P/N EP212516
EAN 4897040855006  
UNB-1000 P/N EP212518
EAN 4897040854962  
UNB-1500 P/N EP212521
EAN 4897040854979