Agreement with KARIN. ExeGate in Russia

ExeGate and Karin signed an official partnership agreement, in accordance to which the Karin Company owns the exclusive rights to distribute all ExeGate production for the territory of Russian Federation.

Thus, since September, 2009 the Karin company have started wholesale trade of the ExeGate products, offering the most demanded in Russian IT-market models. Karin also handles all marketing and dealer policies considering the ExeGate brand-name.

There are no doubts that fruitful and successful partnership will lead to further growth of the ExeGate market share in the territory of Russian Federation. Until the contract was signed, only one product line of computer cases was presented in the Russian market. In future, it is proposed to offer the other ExeGate products in the market, such as power supply units, surge protection devices, cooler fans, keyboards, UPS units, hard disk caddies and other accessories.

Nowadays, Karin is one of the leading players in the Russian IT-market. Active and energetic, dynamically developing, the company is a supplier of computer accessories and peripherals. Valued high by hundreds of partner companies because of its business advantages, Karin offer clearly worked out supplying scheme, optimal pricing strategy, flexible financial methods, full informational support and, the last but not least, top-notched, customer-oriented personnel.

Eugenia Sholokhova, commercial director of Karin, commenting: “We constantly work to improve our business by developing new methods of cooperation with our partners. By having ExeGate among our brands, we make a huge pace towards expanding our busyness by offering a wider range of goods. The ExeGate computer accessories take the most demanded price segment, and that is why we see good opportunities for increasing sales volume and signing new partnership agreements even in 2009 - economically unpredicted and ambiguous year”.

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