AVR 1500VA


ExeGate AVR is a voltage stabilizer for computers and various home appliances. The device has been developed according to consumers’ wishes and requirements . AVR features split-hair accuracy and high overall performance. ExeGate AVR beats all for its response time, output sinwave signal pattern correction, wide input voltage, the compact size and lite weight of the device. ExeGate AVR is the excellent solution for all appliances with high demands for input voltage stability and accuracy.


Model 1500 VA/750 W
Phase single-phase
Input voltage 140 V ... 260 V AC
Input frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Output voltage AC 220 V
Power 750W
Output frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Efficiency 0,5
Suppression of spikes and blackouts yes
Overvoltage protection yes
Overload/ short circuit protection yes
Weight 1,94 kg
Size 268 (D) x 144 (W) x 81,5 (H)
Noise level ≤50 dB
Operating temperature –5°C ... +60°C
Operating humidity 20% ... 90%