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DisplayPort (M)


Applications Connect a DisplayPort monitor or projector to devices equipped with a Mini DisplayPort or DisplayPort connection port
Cable Conductor Copper
Connector Plating Gold
Shield  Yes
Cable Length, m 1,8
Color Black

Model Connector Cable Length, m P/N EAN
EX-CC-DP-1.0 DisplayPort (M), DisplayPort (M) 1 EX284911 4895205118218
EX-CC-DP-1.8 DisplayPort (M), DisplayPort (M) 1,8 EX284912 4895205118225
EX-CC-DP-3.0 DisplayPort (M), DisplayPort (M) 3 EX284913 4895205118232
EX-CC-mDPM-DPM-1.8 DisplayPort (M), mini DisplayPort (M) 1,8 EX284929 4895205118331
EX-CC-DP-HDMI-1.8 DisplayPort (M), HDMI (M) 1,8 EX284915 4895205118287
EX-CC-DP-HDMI-3.0 DisplayPort (M), HDMI (M) 3 EX284917 4895205118294
EX-CC-DPM-VGAM-1.8 DisplayPort (M), VGA (M) 1,8 EX284914 4895205118256
EX-CC-DPM-DVIM-1.8 DisplayPort (M), DVI (M) 1,8 EX284908 4895205118195
EX-CC-mDP-HDMI-1.8 miniDisplayPort (M), HDMI (M) 1,8 EX284918 4895205118317
EX-DPM-DVIF-0.15 DisplayPort (M), DVI (F) 0,15 EX284909 4895205118201
EX-DPM-HDMIF-0.15 DisplayPort (M), HDMI (F) 0,15 EX284921 4895205118270
EX-DPM-VGAF-0.15 DisplayPort (M), VGA (F) 0,15 EX284910 4895205118249
EX-mDPM-HDMIF-0.15 miniDisplayPort (M), HDMI (F) 0,15 EX284922 4895205118300
EX-mDPM-VGAF-0.15 miniDisplayPort (M), VGA (F) 0,15 EX284923 4895205118324