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Outdoor Network Cable 5e FTP

Shielding Shielded (FTP)
Industry Standards 5e
Length, m 305
Wire Gauge, AWG 23
Jacket material PE
Color Black
Number of Pairs 4
Conformity to standards Comply with 5 / Class D and ISO/IEC 11801, IEC 61156(2009), EN 50173, TIA/EIA 568-B.2 standards
Description Outside the premises. Construction of backbone and horizontal subsystems of structured cabling systems of category 5e in conditions of minor electromagnetic interference, moisture and UV radiation. It can be laid outside the walls of buildings and structures. Transmission of 1 Gbit/s signals at a frequency of up to 100 MHz. with a speed of up to 1000 Mbit/s.

Model Threads Material Packaging P/N EAN
Cable Exegate FUTP4-C5e-CU-S24-OUT-PE-BK-305 FTP Solid CU Pullbox EX256750 4895205101418
Cable Exegate FUTP4-C5e-CU-S24-SW-OUT-PE-BK-305 FTP Solid, presence of the cable CU Coil EX241488R 4897040857581