Surge protector ExeGate SP-5-3W

Surge protector ExeGate SP-5-3W
Surge protector ExeGate SP-5-3W
Surge protectors are designed to protect electronic equipment from network, pulse interference, overcurrent, and short circuit. Meets the safety requirements of TP EU 004/2011 and TP TC 020/2011


Socket TypeSocket CEE 7/4, earthed
Plug TypePlug CEE 7/7, earthed
Surge Energy Interference, J125
The maximum load current, A10
Maximum pulse interference current, A4500
Nominal Input Voltage, V220
Maximum load power, W2200
Short circuit and overheating protectionAutomatic reusable circuit breaker, built-in to the on/off switch
High-voltage discharges and pulse interference protectionVaristor protection
Illuminated on/of switchYes
Maximum total current for the USB, A-
Output connection5
Cable length, m3
The thickness of the cable, mm23x0,75
Delivery setSurge protector
Product size, mm310x90x40
Weight, g200