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22.05.2015New ExeGate UPS Batterythe range of lead-acid batteries is expanded with models with a nominal voltage of 6V and a capacity of 4,5 Ah, 7,2Ah and 12A

04.04.2015ExeGate expanded the range of cable productionThe ExeGate company expanded the range of cable production.

30.03.2015ExeGate extended the range of computer cablesNew categories of ExeGate cables are Port and mimiDisplay Port adapters

07.11.2014New models of stabilizers in the line of power equipmentThe AVR ensures constant power supply when voltage drops in the power line

19.09.2014New mice and keyboarsThe keyboard and computer mouse remain to be the main tools for handling this task

15.07.2014New UPS models from ExeGateThe line consists of Power Back NNB, Power Back UNB and Power Smart ULB series 400 to 1500 watts.

07.07.2014New computer casing series in ExeGate assortmentExeGate company launched the new line of computer casings for home and office systems

01.07.2014ExeGate took part in DISTREE Russia&CISExeGate presented the trends of production - enclosures, rack mounts, fans, notebook cooling pads and bags

30.06.2014New series of power supply ATX: AB 350/400/450/500 wattsMeet new ExeGate power supplies of AB series

29.04.2014More colors of laptop bags Start S15ExeGate continues expanding computer accessories line, adding new colors of laptop bags Start S15

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