30.11.2018New models PC cases for businessPresent two models of Mini Tower form factor

06.11.2018ExeGate has launched Solid State drivesSSD their capacity are 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB

13.06.2018ExeGate Power RM UNL-1500Uninterruptible power supplie for installation in a server rack

29.01.2018Mining RigsEquipment for construction of Mining Rigs

23.01.2018New tools for networkinIn the product range of Exegate there are new tools for networkin

15.01.2018New models of wireless mouseExeGate assortment was added a new models of mice

30.08.2017New power suppliesUpdated a line of power supplies for server chassis, in particular, for servers - 1U Flex and 1U.

07.08.2017HDD Enclosure hot swappableThe company ExeGate started to produce HDD Enclosure hot swappable

24.07.2017New models of bags and backpacks for laptopsBags and backpacks ExeGate are on the market in the near future!

19.07.2017ExeGate have expanded their product range of 1U, 2U and 3U server chassisNew models of server chassis

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