17.07.2017ExeGate assortment was added a new modelsExeGate produced new models of ware mice and keyboards

09.02.2017New models in ExeGate AVR lineNew series of the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) – AD, RP and DCR

01.02.2017ExeGate assortment was added a new models of miceExegate widened assortment of optic wire and wireless mice

30.01.2017Update ExeGate keyboard lineExeGate produced new models of PC keyboard

29.12.2016Patch panel ExeGate is a new product rangeExegate presents patch panel

21.12.2016New models of ExeGate network cablesNew 3 indoor and 2 outdoor network cables

10.10.2016ExeGate on the Igromir 2016PSU ExeGate 800PPX as a part of overclock systems at the exhibition "Igromir 2016"

12.08.2016Updated lineup cooling pads for notebookThere are new models in the lineup: NB-503, NB-505 and NB-506

08.08.2016New wired keyboard of Professional Standard SeriesTwo new keyboard of Professional Standard series in ExeGate range

05.08.2016New wired mice of a new seriesTwo wired mice of a new series of Professional Standard - SH-9010 and SH-9020

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