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01.08.2016A new series of cases Mini Tower Cases Cube format by overall cases, appearance and chassis design

23.05.2016New version of compact cases MI seriesNew version of compact cases MI series is compatible with motherboards mATX.

29.02.2016New rechargeable model batteries ExeGateIn assortment of the ExeGate there are new rechargeable model batteries with a capacity of 1,2 and 2,2 Ach.

20.02.2016Special series ExeGate batteriesThe model range of the ExeGate batteries was replenished with the Special series

09.02.2016New series of Micro ATX ExeGate QA casesModel QA is a minitower case of form-factor Micro ATX built on black chassis.

31.01.2016ExeGate updates a line of popular cases series AB and BAThe new models of series AB and BA provide new opportunities for building different modern systems

24.01.2016Series UN expands a line of Miditower casesUN continue series of ATX cases in black color with a variety of front panel design.

28.08.2015New series of XP chassisRelease computer chassis of the new XP series, the XP-310, XP-311, XP-312, XP-313 models.

12.07.2015The new chassis is ExeGate BA-109There is addition in popular series of computer chassis ExeGate BA.

14.06.2015ExeGate Pro Server ChassisExpands a line of server chassis and Power Supply with the ExeGate Pro 1U series

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