Regeneration ExeGate Concept

ExeGate the company has got a pleasure to inform its customers on the latest improvement and reincarnation of cases Concept.

Effective 1st of November 2009, carriages of cases Ņoncept will be produced from anodized Japanese steel such as SECC. This kind of material is more stable, tough, reliable, it allows increasing quality level of manufacured goods and meeting worldwide standards. Along with it, the optimization of technological processes used in ExeGate production enables not to upvalue the cases Concept.

So being outwardly familiar and simple, the cases of series Concept overstepped the next phase in their progress, moving to a new level of their evolution, becoming even more modern, reliable and technologically perfect.

ExeGate the company denotes yet another landmark of its development: from now on, all the cases manufactured under this brand will be produced only on a basis of high-quality anodized steel SECC made in Yapan.

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