Network Guard: New ExeGate Line-ups of UPSs and Voltage Stabilizers

Its 10 years experience in manufacturing computer accessories has given ExeGate an opportunity to offer a wide range of power supplies, cooling systems, different peripheral devices and surge protection equipment. Among recent developments there are modern uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) of Ultimate Pro series and voltage stabilizers for household appliances and computers.

Compared to the counterparts by other manufacturers, ExeGate UPSs are rather small in size — 350×120×195 mm (PCT-1000). A software disk and a USB-cable are included allowing to display the operation data on the screen. On the rear there are two power output receptacles and a couple of Ethernet ports to protect network connection, as well as the external fuse.

The low-end solution in this series, PCT-500, supports the input power up to 500 VA. Due to its filtration and stabilization block, UPS is capable to work in the input range of 145 to 290 V. The long life batteries will provide good system performance during many years.

Midrange model PCT-800 is designed to work with more powerful computers (800 VA). «Cold start» function allows to run the PC or other equipment in the absence of external power supply.

The best model in the line-up, PCT-1000 (1000 VA), is aimed at providing stable work of high-performance systems. UPS functions include protection against short circuits and overloads.

All models have LCD-screens allowing to obtain data on input and output voltage, current power demand and operation mode («battery» or «main») in real time. The in-built system of active cooling has low noise level (below 45 dB).

For those, considering an uninterrupted power supply unnecessary, ExeGate offers a series of not expensive and easy to use stabilizers to protect the network from disturbances and voltage surges. These solutions, in contrast to ordinary line filters, showed good results in severe conditions, when a whole number of devices are connected to a single low-energy power supply.

The line-up includes three models, corresponding to different input power — 500, 1000 and 1500 VA. These devices are quite compact — 268×144×81.5 mm — and light — 1.5-2 kg.

Stabilizers wor in the input power range from 140 to 260 V and provide protection against short circuit, too low or too high resistance and overload. On the top there are information LCD-displays and four standard receptacles, two of which are powered by-passing the circuit of the device.

The model 500VA (250 W) is designed to provide stable work of small household appliances and low-power computers. In the absence of stable power supply the device notifies the user about it with the help of special indicator on the LCD-display showing the reason of the interruption: low voltage is displayed by the letter «L» and high voltage — by the letter «H».

AVR 1000VA (500 W) is designed for more powerful devices, and the most demanding users can try AVR 1500VA (750 W). The latest solution can stand a high load from large household appliances and pulse devices.
All the models have the function of power supply delay that helps to prevent the device breakdown after starting due to voltage surges. «Delay» button on the top panel allows to delay power supply for a couple of minutes.

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