New ExeGate Devices

ExeGate, the global manufacturer of computer accessories, presents new chassis series: Miracle, desktop chassis, and Match, perfectly fit for building a corporate or home computer. The new chassis go in Mini ITX and Mini ATX format.
The long-awaited Miracle series, small chassis for vertical placement on the desktop, is now included into the ExeGate collection of computer cases. These models perfectly suit building systems on the base of small chassis. The «legs» allowing to save much space on the desktop are included. The internal 300 W power supply, front USB-ports and audio-ports make Miracle chassis an ideal combination of functionality and comfort.

The series is presented by MI-205 and MI-206 chassis.
Chassis of the Match series are the best choice to build a corporate or home computer. Easy to use chassis with its elaborated inner space and buttons/ports conveniently placed on its nice front panel. The power supply placed in the upper corner of the chassis allows to improve cooling of the system. The variety of models in the series allow to choose the design to any taste.

The series is presented by ╠└-363, ╠└-369, ╠└-364 and ╠└-368 models.

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