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Nice Accessories from Exegate

New PC Accessory series appeared in the range of ExeGate products — Web-cameras, USB-hubs and Card Reader. The characteristic feature of all PC Accessory is their impressive and unique design together with compact and ergonomic enclosure.

It's easy to use PC Accessory Web-cameras: just connect it to your computer and you can start using it for the videochat in your usual IM-program. There is no software required! The use of USB 2.0 port allows to record video at the frame rate of 15 frames per second. The variety of designs gives you an opportunity to choose the best model to your taste.

Unique ExeGate PC Accessory USB-hubs allow you to comfortably organize your workspace and save much space on your desk. Now you can easily connect all the necessary peripheral devices to your computer and the impressive design of the USB-hubs will make your spirits high.

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