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ExeGate presents new models

ExeGate continues expanding Concept enclosures line and presents new models ATX Midi Tower - CP-310, CP-311, CP-312, CP-313.

Chassis is 0.45mm cold-rolled steel made and has a new convenient design.
All new models are attractive and smart-looking. Main feature is a modern trend and fashion design of the front panel.

Models CP-310, CP–311, CP-313 have a piano black exterior front panel for elegant appearance.

A big size power button allows you switching on and off computer «by touch» without any problem and contrasts with the color of the front panel.
For example the button “Power” of CP-311 has a deep blue color. Also there is a glossy brushed-metal gray plastic in the CP-311 front side.

CP-312 front panel is made of aluminum and covered with gray glossy varnish, emphasizing the structure of the metal. Bay cover of this model is made of aluminum too and covered with piano black varnish.

Concept is a certain matter of optimal price, modern design and high quality.

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