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New SLA battery line

ExeGate company launches a new maintaince-free SLA battery line ExeGate Power EXG 12XX with a wide range of capacity: ExeGate Power EXG 1245, ExeGate Power EXG 1250, ExeGate Power EXG 1270, ExeGate Power EXG 1290, ExeGate Power EXG 12120 ? ExeGate Power EXG 12170

Many companies taking care on the safety of their equipment, use uninterruptible power supplies. A battery is a main and most important component of a UPS .
Basic requirements for batteries are: long life, large number of recharging cycles, and high level of technological safety. ExeGate batteries are really maintenance-free. It means that during a battery life it is not necessary to check the electrolyte volume and add the distillated water. Electrolyte leakage via terminals, valves or battery housing is impossible due to the design and integrity of ExeGate battery.
Usage of maintenance-free batteries allows a user to minimize the total cost of the ownership by minimizing UPS maintenance procedures expense. The sealed lead-acid batteries ExeGate meet all these requirements. Besides, the capacity does not decrease even after many recharging cycles.

All these features provide a safe and efficient usage of ExeGate batteries with all kinds of electric power equipment.

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