New power supply series

 ExeGate has developed a new uninterruptible power supply series ExeGate Power . It is a line-interactive UPS for perfect protection for PC, workstations and monitors. ExeGate Power offers great comprehensive protection against blackouts, surges, spikes, and other common electricity failures and problems . They can be can used for individual users, as well for home and small office.

New models of this series are ExeGate Power Back 400 VA -1500 VA and ExeGate Power Smart 600 LCD VA -1500 LCD VA.

UPS Smart series is equipped with high quality LCD panel. It provides comprehensive display including input voltage, output voltage, load level, battery level, and UPS condition and status.

General features:
Automatic buck and boost AVR function.
Advanced automatic constant charging circuit, prolongs battery life.

Lead-Acid, maintenance free battery inside, provides strong power to users.

Fully digitized, microprocessor controlled.
Cold start function (DC power on).

Lightning and surge protection.
Short circuit and overload protection.
Tel/Ethernet line surge suppression.

Network RJ45/11 protection (depending on model), complete network and phone line surge protection.

Automatically charging when UPS is off.

For models Back NNB 400/600/800 and Back UNB 1000/1500 LED indicators are used.
LED indicates UPS condition and status
Battery back-up
Battery low voltage

For models Smart ULB 600/800 /1000/1500 there is an LCD panel which indicates:
Battery back-up
Battery low voltage

Battery back-up indicators allow a user managing spare time and balance power loads.
Low Battery indicators: The low battery level indicator will warn of eminent UPS shutdown two minutes before a unit shuts down.
Overload Battery indicators: A preventative measure that indicates a UPS overload for load reducing by switching some devices off.

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