New computer casing series in ExeGate assortment

ExeGate company launched the new line of computer casings for home and office systems.

Two new series AB and BA have been added to the assortment.

AB series includes 4 models of Midi Tower cases: AB-215, AB-216, AB-217 and AB-218 with upper horizontal location of power supply.

All the computer casings are made of SGCC steel sheet 0.4 mm thick which are painted black.

The casings design is rather strict so they will suit for home systems as well as for office ones.

BA series consists of 3 models of MicroATX cases: 106, 107, 108.

107 and 108 models’ front panels are made of glossy black plastic with red inserts and they look rather stylish.

The casings meet all the modern requirements and are good-looking, safe, extendable and comfortable for system integration.

The computer casings are supplied either with power supplies of 350, 400, 450 and 500 watts or without.

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