New UPS models from ExeGate

Unstable network power is very harmful for electronic devices and can cause computer and server failure or data loss. It happens that the value of the data stored on the computer or server is many times higher than the value of the computer or server itself. When talking about home PC it means the loss of personal photos, movies and music which are priceless for the owner.

It may take some time to notice dire consequences of network crash. However any power outage, critical rise or reduction of rated input voltage level, power surges, radio-frequency interference may cause delicate electronic elements breakdown or shorten its lifetime.

With help of UPS you will be able to save all data, switch off in a proper way and keep computer elements safe and secure in case of permissible power rates violation or loss of voltage.

ExeGate engineers realize the importance of computer and server protection against power supply problems. They have developed ExeGate Power - the new line of line-interactive UPSs based on modern technologies and many years’ experience in computer facilities production.

The line consists of ExeGate Power Back NNB, ExeGate Power Back UNB and ExeGate Power Smart ULB series 400 to 1500 watts.

ExeGate Power UPS scheme provides continuous input current filtration and protection against voltage variation, power line interference, network congestion and short circuit. Voltage output basically is step approximation of sine wave.

ExeGate Power models of 400/600/800 watts have two euro sockets with earthing, ExeGate Power models of 1000/1500 watts are fitted with two euro sockets and two IEC320-C13 sockets.

ExeGate Power Back models have LED indicators on their front panels which inform you about UPS working mode at the moment. What is more switching to the battery mode is indicated by audio signal.

ExeGate Power Smart models are equipped with LCD screen, which shows such operating parameters as input and output voltage, working mode, residual battery charge, load power or UPS trouble. Switching to the battery mode is indicated by audio signal like in ExeGate Power Back models.

Time of switching to the battery mode is 2 to 6 ms while the battery charging time is not more than 8 hours.

All UPS ExeGate Power models are certified.

ExeGate cares about the clients and seek to guarantee them comfortable and stable work using any ExeGate product.

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