New mice and keyboars

The modern world constantly increases the information stream so it is very important that man-computer interaction is comfortable, accurate and fast. The keyboard and computer mouse remain to be the main tools for handling this task.

In case you are not an incorrigible gamer who needs the devices for hard nonstop gaming and you want something more traditional then ExeGate keyboards and mouse devices are exactly what you need.

ExeGate offers keyboards of two types: standard office keyboards with 104 keys and big ENTER key, or multimedia keyboards with additional keys for comfortable volume level control and work in Internet (fast browser and e-mail starting, browser history surfing back and forth).

ExeGate keyboards have press-sensitive and even moving keys that are constructed with comfortable spacing.

The new ExeGate line of mouse devices presents different models of wire mouse devices of SH series and wireless mouse devices of SR series. Both the series have a variety of standard devices with 3 keys including scroll and devices with 6 keys including the key for switching DPI resolution.

SR series devices are ideally suited for work with laptop. Perfect functioning is guaranteed within 10 meters distance of signal receiver. The nano-receiver is built-in the mouse itself for effortless transportation.

The devices are made of high quality plastic and work perfectly on different surface types.

ExeGate Company is concerned about the clients and monitors the output quality using only the morden engineer-technical solutions.

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