New models of stabilizers in the line of power equipment

Unstable lead mains power may be caused by numerous objective and subjective factors. The voltage fluctuation affects electric devices and may even damage them. The necessity to protect the devices against negative effects arises.

Using special appliances such as stabilizers helps us to avoid the device repair expenses, critical data losses or even buying the new device.

Choosing an appropriate stabilizer model power depends on particular electric load capacity requirements.

ExeGate has totally renewed the stabilizer product line and offers 4 stabilizer models: ExeGate Power AVR-750, ExeGate Power AVR-1200, ExeGate Power AVR-1600 and ExeGate Power AVR-2500 with 2 and 4 sockets.

ExeGate Power stabilizers provide:

  • Output voltage stability within operational range of input voltage;
  • Protection against extra high or extra low output voltage when the input voltage is out of range (power-off);
  • Stabilizer protection against power overloading and load short-circuit.

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