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ExeGate expanded the range of cable production

The ExeGate company expanded the range of cable production.

Besides standard videos and audiocables the ExeGate company offers adapters with Display Port and miniDisplay Port in HDMI.

Application area of the HDMI interface were consumer electronics and The DisplayPort interface was positioned as an alternative for application in computer systems. But now both interfaces already got sufficient distribution to the PC.

And it must be said that HDMI the ExeGate cables have the standard 1.4.

The main difference from the previous HDMI 1.4 versions is in support 3D - images.
Also HDMI v 1.4 supports permission 2K x 4K (3840?2160 or 4096?2160 pixels, there are added technologies of transfer a reversive audiosignal (ARC) and high-speed connection of Ethernet-connection (100 Mbps).

Now connectors of the ExeGate cables are covered with gold that reduces quantity of noise, minimizes losses of a signal, and also influences of a cables long-life without decline the quality.

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