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ExeGate Pro Server Chassis

The ExeGate company, worldwide manufacturer of computer accessories, expands a line of server chassis and Power Supply with the ExeGate Pro 1U series.

Server chassis are presented by two formats: ExeGate Pro 1U1062 is under ATX motherboard and the model ExeGate Pro is under EATX motherboard.

It is possible to install in these chassis 1U PSU of ExeGate RM-1U with a power of 350, 400, 450, 500 or 600 W.

The server chassis, minimum on height, nevertheless provide high efficiency and necessary functionality. It provides to use most effectively working space of the room and to create array server chassis with quantity up to 42 servers in one server rack.

Server ExeGate Pro chassis is optimal decisions as for the companies of medium and small business, and for IT departments of the large enterprises.
The standard architecture provides the best ratio between the price and productivity.

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