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ExeGate updates a line of popular cases series AB and BA

In already, existing series of Minitower AB cases appeared 4 new models – AB-220, AB-221, AB-222 and AB-223. Cases are based on new structure and allow to assemble four 5,25 inch, seven 3,5 inch slots, one 2,5 inch slot for drive bays, and also seven expansion slots.

In Micro-ATX form factor BA series the new models also have the advanced chassis and allow to mount one 5,25 inch, six 3,5 inch slots for drive bays, one 2,5 inch slot, and also four expansion slots.

In cases of both series there are provided places for installation of one fan to 9 cm on the rear panel and one fan of 12 cm on the front panel.
The case is completed by PSU of AB series from 350 W to 500 W. In addition, there is a model without power unit.

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