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Special series ExeGate batteries

The model range of the ExeGate batteries was replenished with the Special series.

The EXS1245, EXS1270 and EXS1290 models have entered a series.

The sealed, not demanding service lead-acid ExeGate Special batteries with a nominal capacity of 4,5 Ah, 7 Ah and 9 Ah and Voltage of 12V are purposed to use in different portable devices, also in stationary systems with back-up power, emergency Centers, Fire Detection and Alarm Devices, in access control. Batteries of the ExeGate Special series are optimized for standby mode system.

Life time expectancy is 5 years. Completely charged ExeGate Special battery can be used at a temperature from -20º? to +50º?. ExeGate Special successfully sustains the competition to sources of current other producers, due to high quality of performance and reliability!

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