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A new series of cases Mini Tower

ExeGate Company presents a new series of cases Mini Tower Cube format. The series includes two models: CB-563 and CB-564. CB series differ from standard Mini Tower by overall cases, appearance and chassis design.

In the model CB-563 the front panel is made of glossy plastic with vertical power button, ports and LCD displays. In the model CB-564 the front panel consists of two parts, a large part has reticulate structure, a lower part is made of metal matte texture. The power button, ports and LCD display are located on the top panel . Both models are equipped with dust filters.

Inner space of CUBE cases is divided by a vertical partition, so motherboard and power supply are located in different compartments.

For maximum air circulation there are spaces for two 8 cm fans on the back panel, one of 8 cm on the front panel and one fan 12 cm on each side panel inside of cases. On the back panel there are holes for the organization of the water cooling system.

It is possible to accommodate two 3.5-inch drive and one SSD- drive in the case.

CUBE corps is a great option for one who prefer a non-standard solutions.

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