New models of ExeGate network cables

Indoor cables

UTP Cable cat.5e, 4 pairs, bare copper, FLUKE® test pass (P/N EX256748). Conductor of this model consists of 100% oxygen-free copper and by its characteristics exceed the standards for 5e category. Bare copper cable has increased conductivity that provides high-quality data transfer and greatly reduces any loss. Cables are independent of internal corrosion, their conduction and other characteristics do not deteriorate over time.

UTP Cable cat.5e, 4 pairs, LSZH (P/N EX256747). Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables for use in applications where smoke emission and toxic fumes could pose a risk to human health and essential equipment in the event of a fire. Unlike cables made of PVC and other compounds which produce vast amounts of dense black smoke, toxic fumes and acid gas when exposed to fire, LSZH cables produce very low levels of smoke and toxic fume and no acid gases. They are therefore often specified indoors, especially in public areas, and in other hazardous environments and poorly ventilated areas. This includes cars, aircraft, railway carriages and ships. LSZH sheathed cables are commonly used across tunnels and underground rail networks.

UTP Cable cat.5e, 2 pairs is unshielded 5e category cable, 2 pairs, solid conductor. Suitable for horizontal laying in the local network.

Outdoor Cables – two new models:

FTP Cable cat.5e, 4 pairs copper screen without messenger (P/N EX256750)

UTP Cable cat.5e, 4 pairs copper without messenger (P/N EX256749)

Also, there is telephone cable 100m pullbox 100m (P/N EX256751).

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