ExeGate have expanded their product range of 1U, 2U and 3U server chassis

ExeGate have expanded their product range of 1U, 2U and 3U server chassis.

The models 1U1062 and 1U1062L were replaced by models:


Model 1U250 is the most compact model of server chassis and used with motherboards form-factors mini-ITX and power supply Flex 1U form-factor. The depth of the server chassis is 250 mm.

A compact short server optimizes using space in server cabinets, offering an opportunity install lmost twice as many servers.

Models 1U550 takes possible to install minITX and SSI form-factor motherboards, and EATX form-factor for models 1U650 and 1U660-HS4.

For effective cooling, there are four fans 40 x 40 mm in the middle frame of the chassis.

In the model 1U660 it is possible to install four hot swap bay 3.5".


Two new models 2U660-HS6 and 2U390 are in the new product range.

A feature of the model 2U660-HS6 is the possibility of installing six hot swap bay 3.5", the cooling system includes three 80 x 80 mm fans.


In the models 2U390 and 3U390 there are two 80 x 80 mm fans n the middle frame of the chassis.  There are two 5.25" external drive bays and four and eight internal 3.5" internal drive bays, respectively.

Caring about the interests of consumers, ExeGate is constantly working to expand its range, trying to satisfy its increasing demands.

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