ExeGate has launched Solid State drives

The ExeGate Company has launched Solid State drives, their capacity are 120 GB, 240 GB, 480GB, 960GB. The drives are presented in the format of a 2.5-inch  with SATA III interface.

The four-channel controller SM2258XT manages the operation of the ExeGate drive without the DRAM buffer; it uses pseudo-SLC caching technology when working with a memory array, and also allows implementing LDPC ECC error correction technology. This controller has low heat generation and low power consumption.

The basis of ExeGate Next Pro is TLC 3D NAND memory.

Currently, more and more users are abandoning the standard disk on magnetic plates in favor of SSD; this significantly increases system performance.

Unlike hard disk drives, SSD provide faster read / write speeds, no noise and consume less power. There are no moving detail  in the SSD, so the probability of data loss due to physical impact is minimal.

A good price / performance is a key feature of ExeGate Next Pro SSD. The transition from mechanical to solid-state disk will make computer work much more comfortable.

Currently, Exegate Solid State Drives are available in two series: for users, the Exegate Next series and for business, the Exegate Next Pro series.

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