New models PC cases for business

The ExeGate company has launched a new series of cases, they are equipped with a system of protection and control of access to the components of the system unit. Cases are designed for use in enterprises that care about the safety of their equipment.

We present two models of the SP-415U and SP-415UP Mini Tower form factor.

The front panel of these models is made in a strict style with two compartments of 5.25 inches and two compartments of 3.5 inches. The cases are equipped with 6 USB ports: in addition to 4 USB 2.0 ports on the front panel, there are 2 more USB 3.0 ports on the top panel. Enclosures are equipped with 6 USB ports. The I / O ports and the power button are also on the top panel.

The SP-415U model is equipped with a loop for a padlock, and the SP-415UP model is additionally equipped with a 3-pin tamper switch that connects to the motherboard. Also in this model provides a screwless HDD mount.

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