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Series mEVO

Series mEVO
Case Type MiniTower
Chassis Material Steel
Optional accessories HDD Adapters
Front panel 3,5"
Card Reader 3,5"
Multifunction panel 5,25"

Model mEVO-9301
Material Thickness, mm 0,4
Motherboard Support mATX
Screwless Access Yes
Number of screws for mounting the side panel, pcs 4
Window on the side panel Yes
LED Backlight Yes
Internal 3,5" Drive Bay 2
Internal 2,5" Drive Bay 1
Front I/O Ports HD Audio 2 x 3.5mm (AC97)
USB 3.0 1
Interface location At the top of the front panel
Expansion Slots 4
Fan Support:  
Rear Panel 8 cm x 1
PSU models 500NPX, 600NPX, 700NPX
Power supply location At the top of the rear side
Max. motherboard length, mm 244
Max. height of the CPU fan, mm 135
Max. PSU length, mm 230
Max. PSU length with drive opposite, mm 230
Max. SVGA length, mm 240
Max. SVGA length with drive opposite, mm 240
Case Color Black
Chassis Color Black
Chassis dimensions  
Width, mm 170
Height, mm 350
Depth, mm 275
Case Dimensions  
Width, mm 180
Height, mm 360
Depth, mm 320
Carton Dimensions  
Width, mm 205
Height, mm 355
Depth, mm 390
Net Weight, kg 2,8
PSU models, PN/EAN  
w/o PSU EX283754
500 W EX283749
600 W EX283752
700 W EX283753